Coming from the Irish Bródúil meaning ‘Proud’, Brōdūil is an online platform that proudly connects and showcases LGBTQIA+ artists living and working in Ireland.

The Brōdūil website will act as an online directory for queer and gender nonconforming artists. Creating a space for fellow artists, curators and arts practitioners to connect with LGBTQIA+ artists in Ireland. 

It will also provide the public, businesses and potential clients the opportunity to source LGBTQIA+ artists and help support them directly through their various websites, web stores and social media. 

Brōdūil will launch in June 2022 and will operate year round featuring LGBTQIA+ artists with links to their work. 

Each year there will also be the Brōdūil Art Open Call which will provide LGBTQIA+ artists the opportunity to sell or exhibit their work with Brōdūil. This year’s inaugural Open Call involved the production of fine art prints.  

Please help support Brōdūil by sharing our message with peers and members of the LGBTQIA+ community.